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Guestbook for Ashfield 3
Linda Farmer(non-registered)
In 2013-2014 design/builder Chris Seaver, Seaver & Sons, built our barn with solar panels and our double-wall, passive-solar home in Ashfield, MA.

Chris, with his friendly manner, quality workmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to take hiccups in stride, along with the superior subs and suppliers he chose, made our building project a real pleasure.

Another plus to having Chris as our builder was that, as a design/builder, he knew the ins and outs of both building and design and so was able to take my SketchUp computer model and do the final design without an architect. That also made it easier to make some changes along the way. When something arose that either Chris or we (or a sub) thought should be tweaked, Chris and I could just discuss it, and then it could be done, without having to go back to the architect.

If you want to read more about the features of our house, they can be found on the website of Buffalo Lumber, the supplier of our siding,

I would build a new house again, and Seaver & Sons would still be my choice.

Linda Farmer
Ashfield, MA
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